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...and Tumblr is not one of them.

Like really, what even was I thinking by trying and pushing my stuff (or anything else not specifically fandom-related) in that seemingly never-ending reblog orgy? Honestly, I'd have better luck growing a sunflower in a nuclear wasteland.

Or maybe I'm just making a big deal out of basically fuckall and decided to jump headlong into it at a rough patch in its history? Only time will call the shots on that one, but for now I'm cutting the losses, for I do not wish to fall into "Sunk Cost Fallacy" territory, especially when only 3 of my followers there are actual people (to whom I'm endlessly grateful for sticking around BTW, whether they're reading this or not) rather than car-bots...

Speaking of which, the car enthusiast community there is rather massive, and equally as tired as I am of those bots. Could this be our chance to introduce them to DA and help us grow the already established car community here? Good question indeed...

But for now, I'm off to my personal shenanigans. Those Trackmania 2 car releases aren't gonna finish themselves.
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If you want to talk about random stuff, by all means feel free add me there. Just don't forget to drop a comment on this journal so I know it's you ;)
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I will keep the blog up for a lengthy enough while, though I might have to do some adjustments. The moment I'm done with finals, I'll think that through.
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Come the 21st of this month , there's a 80% chance I will wipe out my current Tumblr blog, set up a dummy pass-protected one for the sake of protecting my rights to the username in the event of a sudden change of mind and stick to my other contacts from there onwards.

I mean, I have standards for crying out loud! I don't remember reading anywhere that building a followerbase near-exclusively made up of car/booty call (oftentimes both) bots is everyone's idea of fun, do I?

'Cause let's face it, the personal cost of dealing with the actively crushed hope of gaining a human follower and promoting anything that doesn't cater to whatever overhyped fandom out there, compared to what little exposure my art gets on that site at all and the near-complete lack of meaningful interaction besides the occasional reblog is just not worth the hassle.

All in all, that place is just...not all that rotten either (actually you get to find some awesome stuff), but still not made for me. To the few who genuinely cared to follow me there through my considerably shortened ride (you know who you are), thank you for sticking around and sorry for abandoning ship early on.

There's a slight chance I will reboot it all in a distant, brighter future. But until I do, forget about it. Really...
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Go :D
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Yeah, that pleb right here:

I'll dump some of my art there, while reblogging stuff on slow days. So, follow it I guess?
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I know there's a thread like that in the Gaming forum (or so I think), but I thought I'd try it with you people instead, so here we go:

  • Messing around with every add-on under the Sun, hoping it won't crash your system
  • Psychotic guy living the dream in some Arizonian small town
  • Tyco R/C Rebound Simulator
  • Gordon Freeman impostor goes on a race across America
  • Every 80's pop culture cliché ever, and then some mutant dinosaurs

Your turn y'all ;)

UPDATE: Turns out it was a site-wide issue of sorts. Now it's fixed.


This is going to sound stupid, but for the last 24 hours, I can't seem to sign in to my account properly, as it redirects me to the last opened AS page without actually logging in.

So far, I tried the following:

  • Clear the browser (Firefox) cache/cookies
  • Use another browser (MS Edge)
  • Restart the computer altogether

...all to no avail.

Though I'm willing to guess it's a site-wide issue, I'd like to try my luck and ask if anyone else here has the same problem and if there's any fix for it. Any feedback would be more than appreciated...
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Just a quick journal entry to thank those who wished me a happy diabetes day, or wanted to but never got around to it.

Also, thank you AbdouBouam for that gift .blend! Later this month I will show what I made out of it...

(BTW, those new profile thumbnails look pretty rad! *wears silicon carbide vest*)
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Why hey there friends, watchers, bypassers & stalkers alike!

Time for a big ol' journal entry about stuff 'cause...why not?

Part One: Giving this group thing another shot...

Since my plans for a previous group of mine pretty much fizzled out, I elected to close it down to leave room for another, hopefully more successful one:


But then, I do not expect it to gain much traction due to its niche subject. I'm in the process of scouting DA for deviations worth featuring though...

Part Deux: I'll be damned if I come up with a proper title for this one

Oh boy, that's one hell of a rambling about to poke its head forth...

To be more specific, I'll be talking here about two things: How I'm really doing in terms of online presence and only then I'll be touching the meat of the subject, which is online communities' supposed deaths. Let's get it done, shall we?

As it is no secret to a few of you, I spent much of the last year pooling cash for a new laptop (A fairly worthwhile investment so far, considering what you get for its price, along with a "drawer" CD loader and a VGA socket, a rare sight in its category).

Now you'd think I'd be pumping out artwork much faster, right? Well, guess again: As soon as I hit the "power" button of that thing, a bit of an epiphany struck me: Despite of what I've been telling myself for too long now, I cannot simply claim I'm 100% satisfied with my way of doing things.

So I went on about my usual projects, trying new stuff, accepting to get out of that goddamn bedromm a little more often to gain some inspiration, adapting my ass to new responsibilities and tighter schedules... So yeah, I'm still as active as ever, only I decided to rethink some of my priorities in life, hence my marked unwillingness to submit art as soon as I'm done polishing it.

Perhaps the biggest casualty of this shift in my relationship with social media is my Flickr account. With barely any time for carspotting, even less time for my little MBK Booster tuning project, increased difficulty to keep up with recent activity and my stats there hitting an all-time low, the future of that account is pretty much under a question mark. I've been considering a bit of a cleanup just like with my DA account, though I still don't know how I'll really go about it.

This brings us to what I actually wanted to talk about here: Too often, be it on DA or anywhere else, I keep reading the occasional "this place is dying" comment, typically referring to the end of an alleged golden age in terms of overall community activity from an individual's perspective.

I remember when PJ059 once stated in a TMCP forum post (that was back in 2012) that he distinctly remembers when those forums were a lot more active. I keep running across those "leaving 'cause of lacking activity" posts on various social media. I browse through DA journal entries raising concerns about the site's ability to survive (with the earliest entries on the matter being from as early as the mid-2000s. I really wish I was making that up...)

So, is there such a thing as a dying online community? Well...I really don't know. There might be a few select occurences of such (usually a consequence of people in charge no longer being able to keep the proverbial ship afloat for any given reason), but most of the time it doesn't seem to me like a death per se, but more of a consequence of real-life commitments, dwindling motivation, decreasing interest in the platform itself or a varying combo of all of these. Really, I cannot pretend to give an objective answer to this.

With that hopefully not-too-random thought salad out of my system, let's move on to something merrier...

Part Three: Getting to know me a little bit better, I guess?

Thanks to the awesome Sakamoto-chi . But I'm not going through the trouble of tagging along 8 other peeps (last time I tried, barely anyone responded for some reason :'D )

Name: Ismaïl Taha

Star Sign: Pisces

Average hours of sleep: Sleep schedules are for pussies

Lucky Number: 69 Gonna buy? 

Last thing I Googled: Like I'm assed to remember. Plus, I use DuckDuckGo anyway...

When I started this account: 3 years

Amount of watchers: 863

What do I post: Cars, car liveries, anime-themed car liveries...and the occasional (un)popular opinion.

Do I run any other blogs: I wish I could...

Do I get a lot of comments: Not that much, and to be fair I'm quite happy that way. Every bit is welcome though...

Why I chose my username: B-B-B-BIG FUCKING GUN!!!
...and set up that ArtStation account:…

Now let me make one thing clear: While DA will remain my #1 grounds for art sharing, I will be a lot more picky on what to post on AS, so don't get too surprised about the scarcity of my uploads there.

Also, if you're reading this journal entry and happen to own an AS account, by all means feel free to comment with a link to your profile and I'll be more than glad to follow you. That's all for now ;)
(Just what I needed Sakamoto-chi...Just what I fucking needed XD)

You have to post these rules.
Each person has to share 13 things about them. 
Answer the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
Choose 13 people.
You have to legitimately tag 13 people.
You can't say you don't do tags.
Tag-backs are ALLOWED.
YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry.

1 - How often do you go onto DA?

Basically 24/7/365!

2 - Why you joined dA?

I've been converting cars for Trackmania games for a while prior to joining. My desire to practice 3D rendering with said releases was pretty much a turning point, for it motivated me to seek new ways to make my stuff more appealing and more refined

3 - other blogs, or pages out of here?


It's all on my DevID, I'm not pasting it here again :dummy:

4 - Favorite art style?

No specific bias, really. Although I've been faving an awful lot of anime fanart as of late...

5 - Other hobbies outside of drawing?

Does "throwing pocket money on scooter aftermarket parts" count?

6 - Pets? :3 (kitty, doggy and or fishy?)

None. It's bad enough I'm doing a moderately good job at taking care of myself...

7 - Favorite beverage?

I love me a can of overrated-ass Mtn Dew every now and after.

8 - Happy for 2017?

It only just started. Can't judge right now

9 - Types of anime or manga that you enjoy?

Does it have "Action" on the genre description? I'll take it.

10 - If you had to choose between French toast or Belgium waffles, which would you choose?


11 - Music that you listen to most?…

Any questions?

12 - "Insert random fact about yourself" ;3

I do stuff.

13 - Have you ever eaten sushi? oAo

You bet I did! It was awesome.

Now to my uninspired-ass questions:

1-Why did you join DA?
2-Have you ever considered deactivating your account one? If so, why?
3-Feature here you first deviation
4-Feature here your latest deviation
5-Now feature here your all-time best deviation
6-Death battle (pick one): Agent 47 vs Deathstroke
7-Rant here about something. Anything.
8-People I've met sometimes think along the lines of "Our world is fucked!!!!11!1!1!!1". I think not. Am I being too optimistic in your opinion?
9-Any brothers or sisters in your family?
10-If you have any reason to be optimistic for 2017, what could it be?
11-Leftovers for breakfast: Yay or nay?
12-What would you consider a good videogame to be?
13-Throw here your one favourite emote

I'll tag: mew2pwner95 Sakamoto-chi The-Scarf-Husky TheHunteroftheUndead Pastel--Galaxies Teslarossa DODGE-RAMMIT PATyler1 tora-no-shi1369 Nomikhan962 danny-mechanist FearFox9000 JakeBurner 
As much of a letdown 2016 was, it definitely wasn't all that miserable. In fact, the last 2 years saw a significant change in my outlook on more than a little matter (personal, family, social, political...Name it, I really had to rethink my stance on it in some way). Whether this is for the better remains to be seen, but for now it seems like something I can pride myself on, considering my usually stubborn nature.

So, Happy New Year, and let's work on making our lives great again, so to speak?
I'm sooooo not gona miss your disappointing ass XD

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Okay, so I was googlin around for some references pics for upcoming projects, when I accidentally hit something I long since renounced all hope of finding: A proper font file (.TTF) for the typeface used in Japanese license plates...

Here's the direct DL link for the corresponding ZIP archive:…

Alternate DL Link: TRMFontJB12

Aside from that, you can find a little more here (in Japanese only, though):…
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As I realized that my rendition of my friend's Aventador concept is putting a little too much emphasis on the "speed demon" aspect, I thought that an additional, more "in control" variant with aerodynamics closer to his vision of it is pretty much in order.

After a few hours of "toning down" the aero while still retaining the more intimidating bits of its Bonneville-blazing twin, this is what I got:

Untitled by BFG-9KRC

So yeah, you got the idea: One build for breaking top speed records, and the other build (this one) for swift, razor-sharp runs at the occasional endurance trophy...

As agreed, it will recieve a variation of this livery I made earlier (design alterations are yet to be discussed)

Lamborghini Aventador LB Haganai by BFG-9KRC

And that's it for now...I guess?
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Remember that cracked-out Lambo WIP I was bragging about 10 monts ago with no sign of actually wanting to finish it?

Untitled by BFG-9KRC

Well, here it is finally!

ScreenShot01 by BFG-9KRC

MegaMoonLiner, I know this is not exactly the body design we agreed on, but hear me out: As soon as I'm done figuring out how well the Haganai livery will translate on this one, I'll proceed to put together an alternate racing package that's more in accordance with your vision ;) (Also, I didn't forget about the other projects, I just need some time to get back to those, feel free to remind me at any moment...)
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Reorganizing my DA's contents was one hell of a drag, but I'm glad I'm finally done with it. This means I can fully focus again on new artwork, among other stuff...

And suffice it to say, I got quite a lot to do (finishing a few projects for my portfolio, porting some stuff to Trackmania 2, thinking of other games worth creating add-ons for...)

And it doesn't help that this year is busier than usual college-wise, so yeah, same shit different day :shrug:
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  • Playing: DiRT 3 Complete Edition I'm planning to put all of its content in storage next week (15th of this month).

But don't worry, I might still resurrect those under another form whenever I feel inspired enough to do so ^^
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Darth maul by jeffreyguichelaarRobotic mustang by jeffreyguichelaar
Ford Escort mk1 'Rebellion' by jeffreyguichelaar
Ferrari F40 'Invicta' by jeffreyguichelaar
Opel Tigra Twin-Top by jeffreyguichelaar
Lamborghini Murcielago by jeffreyguichelaar